Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Last blog I posited that the commission was imposing late fees without statutory authority and to make matters worse didn’t know how to count to 15. Well what was opinion is now reality. I am representing numerous lobbyists who received late fees from the commission. Rest assured I have already informed commission counsel Ralph Miccio on behalf of my clients of the position I have already posted here on the blog.

When he comes to the conclusion that the commission is wrong again, I hope Ralph not only notifies me on behalf of my clients but notifies EVERY SINGLE PERSON OR FIRM THAT RECEIVED A LATE FEE THAT WAS EITHER CALCULATED INCORRECTLY OR BASED ON A STATUTORY AUTHORITY THAT DOES NOT EXIST. Sorry for the caps but I know this crowd. Right now they are trying to figure out how to blame someone else for the addition mistake – try computer glitch its worked before – and not have to go back and refund all the unauthorized and/or inaccurate late fees they imposed.

I’ll be asking the commission for any rules, regulations, guidelines, internal memos or emails and/or internal controls they have on these issues. The press flack Walter will tell me they don’t have to turn them over and they will all cross their fingers and hope it goes away. Consider this fair warning, if you know you are wrong and you don’t fix it and to make matters worse actively cover it up someone will get the proof, they always do.

Save yourself the hassle guys don’t make a bad situation worse RESCIND THOSE LATE FEES and tell the lobbying community how you are going to count days and when the counting starts.

On the other hand if you got a late fee ask the commission to explain why you did and don’t pay it until you are satisfied they are telling you the truth.

Sorry that this one isn’t funny but sometimes the commission’s antics go beyond the gang that couldn’t shoot straight into godfather territory.

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