Thursday, September 2, 2010


Ok Judge Kaye’s report is in and we’ve all had time to digest it. To me it’s a little like Christmas.

Christmas. is that because the report is like a present under the tree all neat and tidy wrapped with a bow? No although I must admit it is a present that just keeps on giving

It’s like Christmas because the last time this happened a star rose in the east three wise men showed up and we had a virgin birth as the result of Immaculate Conception.

Now I’ll defer to those with far more knowledge of bible passages and virgin births like the commissions press flak Walter but I’m pretty sure this type of event is rare.

But sure enough it happened again in the commission’s handling of the governor’s Yankee tickets.

The star rising in the east was Blair Horner of NYPIRG filing a complaint about the governor receiving world series tickets and the three wise men who arrived bearing gifts where Fred Dicker who brought a question asking if the governor paid for the tickets, Barry Ginsberg who brought a 15 day letter asking the governor to explain why the tickets were not a gift and the governors communications director Peter Kaufman who brought the gift of communications malpractice by telling the governor to pay for the tickets after the fact.

And where you ask was the Immaculate Conception? For the first time ever a public official was deemed to have received a gift but no one gave it to him. The governor got but no one gave.

Now let me be clear I do not think the Yankees gave the governor an illegal gift. If attendance at a world series game by a governor who is legally blind doesn’t meet the widely attended officially related exception to the gift ban than what does. I just don’t understand how anyone can say a gift was received when one was never given.

Be that as it may the commission gave the governor a good screwing on this one and 9 months later that activity has given birth to a bastard of a scandal. And once the governor lied about a check he didn’t see we had the integrity equivalent of an immaculate deception.

I’ll let you figure out for yourself the rest of the characters in the manger that is the Public Integrity Commission.

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