Thursday, February 17, 2011


The guardians of public ethics have placed framed copies of the cartoon below on their desks at the Public Integrity Commission

Let’s count all the ways this tacky trailer park juvenile display of small private parts reflects on the agency that commission executive director Barry Ginsberg has said is doing an effective job as the states ethics watchdog after getting their sea legs.


The Public Officers Law that they claim to be enforcing says in section 74 – h that:

“An officer or employee of a state agency, member of the legislature or legislative employee should endeavor to pursue a course of conduct which will not raise suspicion among the public that he is likely to be engaged in acts that are in violation of his trust.”

Now I’m sure Barry and his minions will say that the framed cartoons are their for esprit de corps or some such bs but lets ask the ex-gov if he thinks he got a fair shake from this bunch of dedicated unbiased public servants.

Second - Barry said in a recent interview that the appearance of impropriety is as important as the act itself. I couldn’t agree more, the act of investigating the governor when that same governor was contemplating a bill to eliminate the commission raised many troubling questions. Now bragging about it in such a juvenile fashion leaves no doubt about the appearance of impropriety, it’s unseemly, unprofessional and smacks of bias. I doubt even the Klan would have kept a cartoon of one of their lynching’s and have no doubt what the commission did to Governor Patterson was an ethical lynching pure and simple.

Lastly – lets have the IG investigate who paid for the copies of the cartoon and the frames they where placed in. If any state resources where used including staff time I think the commission should terminate those employees involved.

I wonder if they framed any cartoons of disgraced ex governor Spitzer in bed with a whore with his socks on? Cause that’s some funny sh*t. Or any cartoons of disgraced ex executive director Herb Teitelbaum when his state car hit that deer ON A SUNDAY. Or a cartoon of Herb whispering to Spitzers minions about troopergate.

I don’t know about anyone else but the longer Governor Cuomo allows people that would keep cartoons of an ethical lynching to keep the state’s rope in their hands the more troubled I become. It’s pretty easy to imagine what they would do to me if they got the chance of course you better bring some friends Barry I intend to put up a fight and that rope swings both ways.

Oh yea the dope is Barry Ginsburg for not realizing the message these cartoons send to the public that rightfully doesn’t trust him or his commission.

Wanna bet the cartoons disappear before any reporter can get a look at them? Don’t worry I got an anonymous package again with a picture of the cartoon on the desk of one of the cockroaches. If you are so proud of them don’t put them away let the world get a glimpse of how unsuited to the job you all are.

By the way I promise when you resign Barry I won’t frame a cartoon of you heading down the road. I didn’t do it with Herb or Feerick or Cherkasky and I won’t do it with you. But I will enjoy your departure as much as I did theirs, because I’m nothing if not fair.

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