Wednesday, March 30, 2011


So the NORC against Barry, Herb and John has been on the blog for over a week. I haven’t received any response from the three defendants (could it be they haven’t read it since Mitra told them to stop wasting state resources and to stop using the state’s computers to read my blog? C’mon fess up I get more hits from PIC than anywhere else. That can’t be it tho because Walter still reads it and he would tell Barry et al). Well it’s only fair that I offer them a settlement so here it is. If you plead guilty to the charges of violating the Public Officers Law and resign we can call it even. But wait, John and Herb have already resigned in disgrace so that just leaves you Barry. Resign before they fire you and I will mark the blog as closed. You have until next week to give me an answer otherwise on Monday we will have a hearing on the blog. I’ve invited Steve Hensel to be the hearing officer and my entire case will consist of using testimony given to the IG UNDER OATH. I’m almost positive I’m going to prevail. Now you know how Dopp felt.

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