Thursday, May 5, 2011


Special counsel Ralfie loves to dish out late fees to lobbyists and clients that file reports even one day late. So you would think the commission would be especially sensitive to filing dates. Well you would be wrong. Like so many other things the commission does it’s a case of do as we say not as we do.

The commission is required by statute to issue its annual report by March 1. They finally got around to issuing it today May 5, 66 days after it was due by law. And one week after I FOILED it and told the chairwoman that her inept staff had not filed it.

By my calculation 66 days at $25 a day is $1650 the commission owes to every lobbyist and client. But feel free to request a waiver Ralf, it can go in the same file Titlebaum kept for his buddies at his previous law firm.

Now you would think with that extra 66 days the commission staff would have come up with something new but you would be wrong again it’s the same report with the same tables that the old lobby commission used in 2006, although they did change the color from red to blue. But then again Jeannine always hated that red cover. And why did some staff members get their new names listed correctly while others are still being listed under their old married names when those names have been changed? Does anybody proof these things.

The list of names does come in handy in case anyone asks who should stay and who should go. I went 2 pages before I found anyone worth keeping. If I get some time next week I’ll post a list of who to get rid of and why.

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