Monday, June 13, 2011


Walter Ayers the former (oops I might have jumped the gun on that but not by much) spokesperson for the PIC just provided the Times Union the following quote related to the soon to be passed ethics bill

“While many New Yorkers are struggling to put gas in their cars, it appears many of our political leaders will not have to worry about putting Scotch in their bellies.”

Are you kidding me Walter? After all these years of saying the politically correct thing you decide now to call the governor and the legislators liquor swilling pigs. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL Bad judgement. (say that with a Russian accent and you could be the next Teddy KGB)

Do you think it’s because the new bill does not provide for a transfer of employees? Or is it because soon to be former Executive Director Barry Ginsberg is allegedly packing his parachute and hoping to land at the controller’s office? And by the way guys Barry is only packing one parachute and no guarantee now that it even opens since Walter just sewed it shut.
If it helps here’s a list of the rest of the insane clown posse I’d get rid of if anyone asked.

In no particular order:

Ralph Miccio lawyer

Terry Schellaci lawyer

Bridget Hoolihan lawyer

All the investigators Bob, Larry and Scott (aka Curly, Moe and Larry)

The education unit – it hasn’t helped

I could go on and on but it does bring up a serious point. The bill correctly stops PIC from taking any action after it becomes law for a very good reason. No one trusts Barry Walter et al from being vindictive, and judging from Walter’s quote that’s probably a smart move. By the way I got a couple of Barry letters last week after the bill was announced threatening my clients on trivial matters. I decided not to blog about them or tell Barry to go f himself because I know how stressful this time in his life must be (right Walter?) so I’m going to ignore him like the rest of the lobbying community now will.

But the key to ethics enforcement in Albany now is to clean out the mess Spitzer left in the PIC and bury the garbage so it doesn’t pollute the new agency which will need to built quickly and with some forethought. Let me know if I can help I still got that shovel.

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