Monday, July 4, 2011


Well it was bound to happen. The commission failed to hold its bimonthly meeting as required by law. Of course all the lobbyists and clients are required by that same law to file reports in a timely fashion but I guess what’s good for the goose is not good for the gander. We will have to see about that if I get the chance to represent someone the commission tries to act against before they go out of existence. I wouldn’t mind cooking some gander.
Or maybe Barry and the commissioners will take advantage of their zombie status and write some opinions settling scores before they go out of existence. I know there is at least a couple of commissioners and a lot of staff lawyers at PIC that would like a second shot at my lifetime ban opinion. Better be careful guys the IG is already investigating you (I hope this time they send averments to everyone and don’t leave the leaker out like they did in the troopergate case. By the way why didn’t PIC investigate Herb and Barry after the IG report p154 for those that have a short memory) and I would love to start a couple more investigations into why PIC does what they do. The longer Mr. Cuomo takes to sign the bill eliminating PIC the more responsibility he has for what they do while he waits.
Rumor is the meeting couldn’t happen as required by law because Barry was on vacation all week polishing up his resume after commission staff avoided the ax last week (at least Walter “got scotch” and the lawyers get some extra time to send those resumes out). You can tell the end is near when folks slated to be let go take vacation. To the rest of the staff the message should be clear what do they know that you don’t?
Missing the meeting required by law is a fitting end to an agency that could never get it right. Now it’s like watching the night of the living dead as this zombie agency keeps trying to impose fines, write opinions and hold hearings long after its demise or maybe it’s more like the Black Knight in Monty Python continuing to try to act the bully with his arms and legs hacked off
It’s only a flesh wound right Ralph?
Publish that opinion Barry I’d love to get you and the commissioners under oath.

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