Wednesday, November 23, 2011

It’s the People Stupid

Back in June I posted a list of COPI employees I thought should be let go after the new legislation passed.  Most of them were on the list of those employees laid off in September.  Now I can’t lie it wasn’t a coincidence.  I had very frank conversations with people in a position to make those decisions.  I’d like to think they valued my opinion then I hope they do now.

With that thought in mind and a huge rebuilding job ahead of whomever is selected to build the new integrity agency let me suggest that s/he not take the easy way out and just continue on with the existing staff.  It would be a colossal mistake.  While I’d be happy to share my opinion of who should be retained privately with the new leadership (if I did it publicly the bad ones that remain would certainly try to target them, they have before) I am willing to point out some of the remaining employees that I think should have no part in the new agency.  One need only look at the June list.

But recently some events have occurred that show me other names need to be added.  Back in June I thought Kate Burgess was the best of a bad bunch of lawyers and I said so.  However she has now become the records access officer for the commission and has gone out of her way to prevent certain records from being provided under FOIL.  I know the records are embarrassing but you have an obligation Kate to do the right thing.  You’ve failed and your name must be added to the June list.

Also someone at the commission has begun to change over COPI documents to now read Joint Commission on Public Ethics.  Now it’s trivial but it displays a bureaucratic attempt to control the actions of a group that has not been selected much less be in a position to make decisions.  I’ve seen the type of bureaucrat that maneuvers unsuspecting commissioners into a position where they have no choice and decisions are made for them and submitted as a fait accompli.  Find out who was responsible for the change on those documents and you will have another one or two to add to that June list although I would bet they are both on it already.

As always feel free to call me if you end up on this commission you may not like the tone but you can rely on the knowledge.

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