Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Adventures of David Grandeau

Casey Seiler has it pegged. It’s the Adventures of David Grandeau – a goofy, madcap series with some truly memorable characters.

There’s Janet DiFiore, erstwhile head of the state’s new ethics panel who is trying to make Kathy Black look good.

There’s the JCOPE commissioners, all well-intentioned and accomplished people who, with few exceptions, are Dorothys who don’t yet realize they aren’t in Kansas anymore.

And there’s me – Don Quixote of ethics -- sitting in the back of the room as JCOPE began its third public meeting. All of a sudden, Ms. Black, oops, Ms. DiFiore, insisted that I and the other 4 people present identify ourselves for the record.

Why she insisted upon this, I do not know. But I wasn’t going to let it pass. As reported by Mr. Seiler, I just had to note the pure irony of such a secretive body requiring disclosure of those watching its proceedings.

Think about this. Who asks people at a public meeting to “disclose their identities?”

And what about all the people watching online? 

If you want people addressing the commission to identify themselves that’s fair and appropriate.  But we are not allowed to ask the commission questions anymore.  The “guests” are truly spectators.

On top of this bizarre episode, there was another revelation from the day. It turns out that Ms. Black, oops, Ms. DiFiore has received yet another parking ticket in Albany.

OK, it’s just a parking ticket. I get that. But it’s every meeting. What? She’s too good to obey the parking laws in the City of Albany?

What message does this send? Is it: The law is the law and everyone must comply? Nah. It’s more like: “I’m the Westchester District Attorney, and I, don’t have to follow the rules when I’m with the yokels up in Aww-bany.”

Are we filming some new reality TV series here? Is that what this is?

And I get that as a high profile public official my antics won’t sit well with Ms. DiFiore, but before Janet sends anyone to deliver a message to me remember I got along just fine with the last Chairwomen.  Mitra understood the value of dialogue and working towards a common goal. As for the chairpeople before Mitra, well we didn't get along and they resigned.


  1. ...I can't find an "official" JCOPE site...definitely would like to attend the next worries...I'll keep Ms. DiFiore's 'parking spot" free.....

  2. ..I see that I am the "sole" commenter on Mr. Grandeau's Blog so far...where are ALL the people who post on the CAP CON Blog!!!! ..mostly anonymously... in response to their personal obsevations on government corruption in NYS???..I realize that some of their comments never pass muster in the eyes of the "diligent"? TU moderators but I've read enough of them that do get published to see a "pattern" of abuse & discrimination put upon those who "just don't feel right" when doing the "wrong" thing....the Raucci outcome an example..well indicates the "tunnel vision" attitude of most NYS residents that if "they"...NYS & CSEA big-wigs... say it's's true
    ..Mr Raucci was the "bad guy....hey put him away...end of story......the people "making waves" upon digging deeper into such "stories" are the crazy ones!!!???...I guess you kinda have to be half crazy to put your head on the choppng block for yourself andyour fellow man only to end up with no head and plenty of "enemies"...some who don't even know you.. and "slam" you for speaking up in order to clear "their" muddled consciences...
    ...hopefully more people will come out of their NYS government induced comas and take a stand...EVIL WINS IF GOOD DOES NOTHING......