Thursday, March 22, 2012

Who has been late to work?

I was reviewing the blogs statistics today and noticed an unusually large number of views of an old posting from September 6 2010 titled TARDY POINTS.  I had forgotten all about this post and had to reread it to figure out why folks would be reading it some 18 months after I originally wrote it.  Then I got it.  The piece is about Walter "got Scotch" Ayers coming into work a few minutes late and how he told me it was ok because he had tardy points to use.  Now there is at least one commission employee that is renowned for being late and I happened to mention it to the persons supervisor the other day.  I also saw another commission employee crossing the street on the way into work a little after 9.  And there are several others who have developed a reputation for being awol every now and then.  I wonder if they are reading the blog during work to get some tips on how to use tardy points?  Hmmm memo to self check and see if you can find in the statistics where the views originate from.

For the record I couldn't care less when people work as long as they do work.  Time clocks are for hourly wage workers . . . and slackers.

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