Thursday, October 25, 2012

JJOKE reform for legislative pay raise? Are you kidding me?

JJOKE reform for legislative pay raise?


Here we go again.


And I could care less if the legislators get a pay raise or not.


I’ve always believed if you think you are undervalued go get another job or earn more money by taking on additional work.


It’s the idea of JJOKE reform or tweaking or whatever phrase the powers that be decide to use when they package this latest attempt to get it right . . . again.
How many times do we have to do this?


I’ve said it before I’ll say it again it’s not the law or the structure IT”S THE PEOPLE STUPID!!!!


We keep picking the best and the brightest with the most outstanding resumes and they keep walking into closets looking for the bathroom, or parking their cars at expired meters, or hiring their family and friends while telling us they are recruiting only the finest talent or insisting on employing chief economists in an agency that has nothing to do with the economy.


I had an illustrative experience today with one of the JOKE’s best and brightest.  I received a call from JJOKE chief investigator Pat Coultrie (I’m not sure of the spelling and in the long run who cares what his name is).  Pat needed to ask a question about one of my clients but made the mistake of talking to me about another case because he was confused I assume.   Oops I guess that’s how all those leaks keep happening at the JOKE.  Anyway I’m sure by now Pat has turned himself in to the IG as having disclosed confidential information without the commission’s approval.  And whomever Ms. Tyrone (not sure about the spelling) is I’m sorry to hear you are being investigated by JJOKE but rest assured it will remain confidential, just ask Libous or Lopez or Silver or DiNapoli.


Do you think the FBI makes those types of slips of the tongue?



Anyone that wants to see how productive JJOKE is just drive by 540 Broadway and look at all the JJOKERS standing outside smoking.  I counted 5 today that were there for over 30 minutes  the same group that was there Tuesday, and I'm sure the smart JOKERS smoke out back.  Why are they not working? Is it because Biben and the rest of the top staff only show up in Albany for commission meetings?  Anyone really think that NYC office was for any other purpose other than as a reason to avoid being in Albany, where the work is?
And don't tell me that getting JJOKE to be more open is worth it, you don't need legislation to make JJOKE more open.  Marvin Jacobs has proved all you need is a commission vote to open up the process.  They can vote to be as open as they want to be.


So if the governor wants to trade a pay raise for “reform” of JJOKE let me counter with a pay raise for the legislature AND executive branch commissioners in return for a new cast of JJOKE commissioners and staff.


You could always move Biben to Tax at a higher salary she can then work for Ginsberg . . . again.

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