Monday, March 17, 2014

Hope for JJOKE? As soon as Susan Lerner and Common Cause fess up

I can't remember the last time I laughed this much at a bunch of know it all limousine liberal lawyers from New York City showing everyone what buffoons they are . . . wait a minute the last time was at the last JJOKE meeting when Shelly Silver's appointees tried to rationalize their vote for 3 of the 4 groups that sought exemptions from the source of funding disclosure requirements.

But this time it isn't JJOKE that has me laughing it's the NYCBA and Susan Lerner's Common Cause report on JCOPE's first 2 years.

You can read the report in the NYLJ but let me save you the time.

After saying that the panel is not casting dispersions on the fine outstanding lawyers that serve on JJOKE it goes on for 60+ pages saying how JJOKE flubbed the Lopez report but never once notes that it was one of the reports authors, Susan Lerner, who made the original complaint to JJOKE about Lopez and Silver.  Talk about disclosure hypocrisy otherwise known as the pot calling the kettle black.  Yes Susan we get it, you are still pissed that Shelly's appointees stopped the Cuomo appointees from a star chamber lynching of the Speaker at a time when the Gov was looking for leverage.  Get over it JJOKE is your creation live with your mistake.  And speaking of mistakes just be grateful that no one on JJOKE decides to investigate that bs source of funding disclosure you made in January of 2013. 

Now I will not bore the reader with my critique of the smart NYC lawyers work in this report, all you need to do is have read my blog for the past 5 years to get the real story about PIC, JJOKE, Teitelbaum, Ginsberg, Cherkasky, Feerick, Biben, Difiore and all that went with that illustrious group of smart New York City lawyers, no I just want you to ponder one thing in the report.

They thank JCOPE, it's executive director and it's chairperson for engaging in two off the record meetings with the reports authors. 

Yes by all means thank them and then make the transcript of those two meetings available to the public for review.

Transparency my ASS.

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