Wednesday, May 28, 2014

JJOKE meeting gives ED LT a chance to shine

The public portion of the meeting lasted 4 minutes start to finish, and for that congratulations go out to executive director Latizia Tagliafierro.  LT took the lead when Dan "I hate this job" Horwitz asked who would explain the status of the various regulations on the agenda.  Those of us who follow JJOKE were dreading a long boring 45 minute convoluted explanation from Shari Calnero.  And Shari looked like she was ready to do just that as she shuffled her copious notes but LT stepped in and basically said everything is on track and we can vote on them next meeting.   2 minutes max.  Nice job LT.

But you really have to wonder why they bother having a public meeting at all.  The private closed door meeting they had before the 4 minute public meeting was ongoing for over 15 minutes and they did a 4 hour executive session followed by Horwitz's cryptic "we did some of this and we did some of that" wrap up speech.   By the way Dan why not tells us in detail what you did?  There is no reason for secrecy if you can announce that you did a substantial basis investigation report you can tell us the who why and when.

These guys and gals will never understand it's not the substance of what you do in secret it's the appearance.  Dress like a hooker and you should not be surprised if someone like ex governor Spitzer offers you cash.

And speaking of cash when will JJOKE announce who they retained to represent them in the US Attorney's investigation of who really controls the independent JJOKE?

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