Tuesday, June 24, 2014

See an ethics violation dial 1-800-JJOKE

It was that time of the month again a JJOKE commission meeting.  So off I go to JJOKE.  I stopped on the way at Eggy's lunch truck to grab the areas best egg sandwich.  I got it to go thinking I would eat it at the meeting so that I at least accomplished something by sitting there.  And as usual neither Eggy nor JJOKE disappointed.  The sandwich was delicious and watching the JJOKERs looks of dismay that I would sully their very serious meeting by eating breakfast was a bonus.  For the record the meeting lasted 8 minutes the eggwhich lasted 6.  And there was HUGE news on the ethics front . . . JJOKE has a 1800 tip line and a new poster.  Thats right after 3 years they have a poster to show for all there hard work.  And they are going to distribute the poster thruout the state.  WOW that is impressive, quite the accomplishment.   One small problem JJOKE has had a tip line on their website since it was created.  I've used it and they ignore the complaints they receive.  Will the 1800 line be any different? Yes now the 2nd floor can moniter all complaints and WAIT now there is a poster too so that should make all the difference.  At what point do these commissioners all "very accomplished" people realize they are a laughing stock? a running JJOKE?

I got a small glimpse into how delusional they are when commissioner Mike Romeo left the executive session and was standing close enough for me to engage him in conversation.  I asked Mike if he thought the poster would make a difference (I did so in a serious tone of voice)  He responded that he did when combined with other efforts they were engaged in.  I then asked if he was aware that JJOKE has had a tip line on the website for over 2 years.  His look was priceless.  It is the look of a smart person who just realized how foolish JJOKE has made him.  After a little more give and take he stated the classic JJOKE line "I just want to do whats right"   So I then asked why doesn't JJOKE investigate the state democratic party for being an unregistered lobbyist as a result of there lobbying ads.  His answer "well all the parties do it"   YES MIKE THEY DO SO INVESTIGATE ALL OF THEM.

A poster thats what JJOKE thinks will clean up Albany


Albany ethics is doomed

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