Tuesday, September 30, 2014


I know um I said um I was done blogging um but todays um um JJOKE meeting just um put me um in the blogging um mood.

The um meeting  um um start to finish was under um 5 minutes um

But um LT announced um that there is now um mandatory lobbyist um training um

As an aside mandatory? what happens if you don't take it?  any penalty?   NOPE so its hardly mandatory

LT did um fess up that um there are some um technical um problems

Of course there um are um

One last thing before the um executive session put an um end to um the um meeting JJOKE now has a newsletter um

Does anyone remember the um PIC newsletter? um   This one um is just as good um   in other words subscibe to the five guys facebook page it has more um value

Um unless anyone has something um new um we um are um going into um executive session um

And in all seriousness why does a fancy New York City lawyer like JJOKE Chairman Dan "um" Horwitz speak like a mumble mouthed member of Howard Stern's wack pack? um?

Actually the "um" was the most interesting part of the mmeting


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