Friday, April 3, 2015

How to fix the JCOPE backlog and get richer in the process

I promised I would reveal my solution to fix JCOPE's backlog and help legislators get rich with undisclosed outside income.  And they are related.

Here is the business opportunity.

JCOPE's backlog results from over 5000 registrations being submitted in the first 2 weeks every other year.  That's not going to change.

JCOPE is institutionally incapable of working any faster or smarter than they are right now.

So if you can't speed up the registration approvals you have to reduce the number of registrations.  Especially since the new "ethics reform" added local lobbying for entities over 5000 people (does JCOPE even know how many additional registrations that may generate?)

Since a lobbyist has to file a registration for every client the only way to reduce the number of registrations is to reduce the number of clients.

How do you do that?  Simple.

David Grandeau and Associates is offering a new service - lobby brokerage.

Lobbyists get their existing clients to terminate and hire DGA to hire their prior lobbyist.  Now DGA is the client and each lobbyist only has to file 1 registration with DGA as their client.  The actual client's identity never has to be released publicly (3rd party beneficiaries are not required by the statute to be identified, it's purely voluntary).  Because DGA is the client no source of funding disclosure will be required by the prior clients, DGA files 1 client semi annual further cutting down JCOPE's workload, DGA's clients are now free to lavish gifts on legislators since they are not subject to the gift ban (and don't worry DGA would never give a legislator a gift).  PROBLEM SOLVED

In addition as part of this lobby brokerage service DGA will file the lobbyist's single registration statement and any amendments to it for the lobbyist.  All that internal busy work goes away and the lobbyist can focus on lobbying.  For a firm like Patricia Lynch and Associates for example instead of approx. 100 registrations to file and process there is only 1.   Which means only one $200 registration fee instead of 100 fees.  The savings for the lobbyist is significant.

And since I'm not a charity my fee can come from the client, lets say a flat 5% of the amount they pay the lobbyist.  The client gets anonymity, no administrative burden, freedom from source of funding disclosures and gift bans, the lobbyist gets simplicity in only having to do 1 registration every 2 years, no administrative burden, a reduction in registration fees and peace of mind knowing DGA is doing their compliance.  JCOPE no longer has a backlog.  A win all the way around.

And DGA's new service will not be limited to lobby clients.  Any legislator that wants to earn outside income can come work for DGA as a consultant.  Your prior employer hires DGA at your prior rate of pay plus 5% and we hire you.  You disclose your outside income is from DGA and I tell reporters that ask what you do for the money that you are providing strategic advice.  I might even introduce you to some of my new lobby brokerage clients, I think that's called vertical integration in the world of economics.  Granted it might be called honest service fraud in Preet's world but if Shelly beats the case we are golden.

And for those in the industry that might say it's not legal, it's already being done by a firm called Multistate.  Granted they list the third party and do separate registrations but that is voluntary on their part, most importantly they don't do a source of funding disclosure.

All truly great business ideas borrow from an existing brilliant business idea and make it better.  Multistate was brilliant in avoiding source of funding I'm going to make it better.

Any lobbyist that wants to talk to me about the next great idea in lobby registration call me at 5184618635.

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