Tuesday, July 28, 2015

We interupt the novel for reaction to the latest JJOKE scandal

I know I know I'm really not interrupting anything since I haven't posted since mid June.

And for those wondering what is going to happen to your favorite characters in the novel . . . I don't have a clue.  I hate all of them and had to take a break to cleanse my soul.

I wasn't blogging about JJOKE for several reasons.  First they bore me.  Second I've been busy with another surge in my business.  I'm getting to the point where I turn down as much work as I accept.  It might be time to expand and split the consulting practice into compliance filing and ethics strategy.  Stay tuned on that one.  Third I've been giving JJOKE the silent treatment because for the most part they've been pretty good from my point of view.  They listen to advice and have been behaving themselves for the most part.  Granted there are still some weak employees left but Martin and LT seem to have a handle on them.  I'm overjoyed that Milgram is gone ditto for that clown Rob Cohen and Uncle Vinny's niece even flew the coop,  Shari Calnero is gone..  But there is one employee that retired and came back to collect her one day a week overpayment from the state taxpayers.  I let LT know how wrong I thought it was that she would allow this retired staffer to make more for one day of unneeded work  (assuming she actually works) than many staffers make for a full week of unneeded work.  But I digress.

Why am I blogging today when I should be floating in my pool figuring out how to split my business, and bring in more money?  Because 4 JJOKE commissioners wrote a letter to the editor claiming recent actions at JJOKE were illegal.  That was too good not to comment on.

Lets start with the allegation that the hiring of a former Cuomo AG staffer was illegal because the job title doesn't exist.  The claim is factually in error and intellectually dishonest.  The 4 commissioners (Cavullo, Weissman, Jacobs and Renzi - more on them later) completely omit the fact that this Cuomo apparatchik was also appointed as Chief of Staff a title that DOES exist.  End of argument.

But that's not what this letter to the editor was really about.  It was about the process to appoint the next executive director.  They don't want another Cuomo person.  Too bad but that is what you are going to get   Cuomo has the votes and the 4 commissioners don't.  Weissman and Cavullo were appointed by currently under federal indictment Dean Skelos, but Skelos's third appointee Mary Lou Rath did not sign on.  Jacobs was appointed by currently under federal indictment Shelly Silver but the other two assembly democratic appointees did not sign on. Add Renzi and you have 4 commissioners out of 14 that approve of the sentiment that the next executive director should be a non Cuomo person.  That's 10 to 4  Cuomo wins again.  Weissman Cavullo Jacobs and Renzi need a math for dummies tutorial but that's not what has me blogging.

It's their allegation that the "incessant interference continues" at JCOPE.  OK guys who is interfering?  Name names, explain your allegation, throw back the curtain and show us who the wizard of JJOKE really is.   And by the way I believe you that the incessant interference continues and it is a violation of the Public Officers Law that you enforce.  Don't write a bullshit letter to the editor and to the Times Union no less, grow a pair and insist that JCOPE investigate your allegation.

Or if you don't have the balls to do that at least have the courtesy when your appointing authority is indicted to resign, you're presence on JCOPE is unseemly and laughable.  And what's worse Cavullo and Weissman were two of the best JJOKE had.  Granted that's a low bar but I'm having dejavu all over again.  When will Teitelbaum Ginsberg Chercasky and Feerick be returning?

Oh one more thing how is it possible those top notch reporters at the Times Useless like Casey "spellcheck" Seilor missed the real story?  Come on Casey at least ask the 4 commissioners who is interfering and how.

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