Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Mrs. Agata can you straighten your husband out?

So I have it from a very reliable source that Seth Agata's wife is an avid reader of the blog.  Now she is Jewish so I'm guessing she either gets my neurotic side or she absolutely is disgusted by me.  I've been around a lot of Jewish women, including my mother so I know how I am perceived by that segment of society (it's also why I married a Sicilian).  In the hopes that she is a fan I am going to appeal to her to talk to her husband so he gets his head out of Dan Horwitz'z ass and doesn't repeat the mistakes of the executive directors that came before him.

At today's meeting he made a point to tell us how he has been on a listening tour of the good government groups and the various sides of the legislature, including the independent democratic conference aka Jeff Klein's I have to be a leader of something group.  How many times have I heard this same bullshit before?  If the good government groups and the legislature had answers we wouldn't need to keep replacing executive directors.  Changing the ethics laws is not the answer Seth.  YOU are the answer Seth, if your wife can get you to sack up and take control.  Blair Horner, Dick Dadey and Susan Lerner may make you comfortable but they are ethics losers, always were always will be (I kind of sound like Trump, huh?).

Todays meeting was a perfect example, instead of the inhumanely boring 30 minute lecture on the revolving door ban why not spend 5 minutes explaining how Joe Percoco violated that same ban and what JJOKE is doing about it.  That would have been memorable.  It also would have gotten you fired and into the private sector where you can earn the kind of living that will make Mrs. Agata happy.

See Mrs. Agata I am looking out for you.

No thanks necessary.

By the way Seth you meet with the good government groups but not with me?  Don't take this the wrong way but FUCK YOU.

You can pay for lunch next week.

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