Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Times Union Trump and hypocrisy

The Capital Regions paper of record has an editorial today suggesting that the electoral collage reject the results of the election and pick anyone other than Trump  you can read it here:

Now compare that editorial gem with the one they wrote in October when they were horrified that Trump refused to state that he would accept the election results   you can read that here

Funny how winning or losing changes ones perspective on accepting election results.

But now let me pivot and congratulate the deep thinkers on the TU editorial board.  I have been advocating for a long time that one man one vote doesn't work.  I prefer proportional voting based on the amount of income tax you pay, of course I'm a rich white male so that may cloud my judgement. This last election and primary season proved my point.  The average voter is unfortunately lacking in judgement, insight and knowledge, unfit to decide who should be president and better suited to watching reality tv and wrestling matches.  Would you give the responsibility to make decisions for your loved ones safety, health and welfare to the type of folks you see at Trump rallies or Clinton rallies or Bernie get togethers?  Now the TU provides an alternative to one man one vote, let the members of the electoral collage decide free of restriction.  And who are these electors?  Go google their identities it sure isn't one man one vote types.  It's the ruling political elite.  Not quite my proportional voting idea but a lot closer to it than one man one vote.

And before anyone comments on my perceived support of Trump.  Remember while I did work for him bringing a complaint against Schneiderman for fundraising from the subject of an investigation, I also fined Trump $250000 for being an unregistered lobbyist.  This isn't about Trump it's about hypocrisy.

So while the TU is laughingly hypocritical they are at least proposing ideas to get away from the real cause of our political dysfunction.  One man one vote just doesn't work.

And you wonder why the media can't seem to have an effect on Albany corruption


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