Monday, March 26, 2018

How do JJOKE commissioners and staff show up at commission meetings and act like everything is ok?

Tomorrow will be yet another JJOKE meeting post Percoco.  And about half the Commissioners will be in Albany.  None will say even one word to the press, that's if any press bother to show up and ask questions.

But my thoughts about tomorrow are far more fundamental.

How do they sit at that table with Agata and act as if everything is ok and they are doing a great job?

I can't figure out what kind of drugs one takes to be that delusional in public.

I mean some of these commissioners actually have reputations to consider, yet they sit at the table ignoring the elephant in the room.  (That would be Weissman, Jacobs and Yates)

Others are under the Governors thumb and have to do as they are told no matter how foolish they look or sound (Rozen, Lavine, Dering and Sample)

Still others are just clueless and blissfully ignorant and politically tone deaf.  (That's Cohen, Knox and Smalls)

And still others have family members whose jobs depend on their compliant behavior (McAuliffe)

And there is even one whose law firm may be at risk for it's lobbying efforts (McNamara)

Of course some fall into multiple categories like Lavine, Smalls, McAuliffe and Rozen.

But just once I'd love to see these commissioners make themselves available for public questioning, it would be like the ugly duckling whose friends keep saying how attractive he/she is until he/she actually looks in a mirror.

Just imagine the JJOKE commissioners looking in that ethics mirror and seeing Agata's testimony at the Percoco trial staring back at them.

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