Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Gary Lavine . . . just following orders sir Yes sir may I have another

Gary Lavine can you spell hypocrite without the letters P E R C O C C O?

Nice speach but all you are doing is bringing more attention to the fact that JJOKE and it's commissioners are a bunch of puffed up, arrogant, incompetant, boot licking minions.

I'm no fan of DiBlasio but really is JJOKE the right organization to talk about integrity and ethics?

And by the way making a donation to a charity is NOT a gift under the statute no matter how often the self proclaimed guardians of ethics bully people into settling your bs gift cases.  But we can let a court sort that one out as well.

I have a sneaky feeling folks aren't going to roll over and stick their bum in the air for JJOKE to violate them anymore, at least not the ones that come to me for guidance and advice.

As the Cuomo folks have told you it's time to focus on more important matters . . . like how to write a good resignation letter.

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