Wednesday, October 20, 2010


The commission just posted its draft minutes of its last meeting. The meeting wherein ex chair Michael Cherkasky announced his resignation as I blogged about last week.

Remember I noted that Mike the ex-chair was overstaying his welcome by announcing his resignation 75 days in advance of when he plans on stepping down, and that the lawyers ought to check on it? (I like a fair fight so I needed to give Barry and the clown posse a head start)

Well Barry must have found someone smarter than him to do the research because lo and behold when you read the draft minutes Mike the ex-chair hasn’t resigned he’s just letting everyone know when he will be stepping down.

Here’s what the minutes say:

Chairman Michael Cherkasky announced that it has been an incredible pleasure
working with this group of people and being Chairman of this Commission.
Unfortunately, things have changed in his professional life. The company of
which he is CEO acquired a company called Kroll in August. Since Kroll handles
so many different matters, it’s not in the interest of this Commission or the State
for him to continue to be Chairman. To protect himself, his company and the Commission, effective in January, he will be stepping down with his regrets. He
will participate in the December meeting.”

Now I have a pretty good memory and that’s not what I remembered Mike the ex-chair saying plus I don’t trust Barry so I went to the video of the meeting. It has to be posted within 2 business days of the meeting i.e. by Monday, today’s Wednesday so it should be on the website.

Now I know it must be another one of those computer malfunctions the commission has become famous for but you cannot access the video of the meeting at this time.

Hmmmm, well I am a patient man I’ve waited over 2 months for Mike the ex-chair to answer my simple question of has the commission changed the way it calculates due dates, I’ve waited over 4 months for an opinion on a widely attended event I can wait for the video to be posted as long as it happens in the next 24 days.

What’s magic about 24 days? Well that’s 30 days from when Mike the ex-chair announced his resignation and under the Public Officer’s Law that’s when the resignation becomes effective if the date Mike the ex-chair picked is more than 30 days from his announcement.

Theirs a good reason for this law Mike, it’s to deal with folks like you who have conflicts and think by announcing that they will quit in the future that magically cures the conflict, it doesn’t. I hate to admit it but you where right when you said “it’s not in the interest of this Commission or the State for me to continue to be Chairman”

Now just in case that video malfunction never gets fixed I’ve requested a copy of a transcript of the meeting, you are required by law to provide it.

This isn’t like two people in a he said she said argument about who’s lying, (Barry wins those all the time) in this case eventually we will know for sure.

And just to show you what’s beneath me Mike . . . you could always withdraw your resignation. if you have bothered to send it at all, but those conflicts are not going away and folks are starting to notice and question your integrity in staying on when even you know “it’s not in the interest of this Commission or the State for me to continue to be Chairman”

Do the State and the Commission a huge favor and at least follow the Public Officers Law on your way out because you sure missed the boat on the way in. (a vote of confidence for Hurb Teitelbaum? Really? I mean really?)

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