Thursday, October 21, 2010


Everyone is reading the IGs report about Aqueduct today, and I’m sure it is Joe Fisch’s typical thorough and thoughtful work. I won’t be blogging about that report but I will be about another far less noticed but equally if not more important report the IG recently released.

You can find it here,%202008-2010.pdf.

It is the IG’s two year report to the governor detailing the office’s work over the last two years.

If Mike the ex chair can get off his conflicted high horse long enough to triage his time and read this report he would see how an integrity agency is suppose to operate.

In fact let me suggest had we given Joe Fisch the jurisdiction over the same folks that Mike the ex chair has with the PIC the State might not have needed to worry about all the scandals that have occurred and not been investigated or investigated improperly by Mike the ex chair and his minions.

While Mike the ex chair whines about his lack of resources and makes excuses for a laughing stock integrity agency, Joe Fisch has gone about his business without complaint and has gotten the job done. Read the report and you will see what I mean.

My only question is why hasn’t Barry, Ralph and the rest of the clown posse followed up on the IG’s work? Too busy inventing lifetime ban’s I guess.

You will note that PIC is featured prominently in the report and not in a good way. With any luck I will be able to read about some of my complaints about Mike the ex chair, Barry and Ralph in the next two year report Joe Fisch releases.

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