Monday, December 6, 2010


Let’s take the small present first. It was a Special Counsel Ralph letter in response to my “you’ll shoot your eye out advice” in the previous blog. Well it looks like the special counsel blinked, saving his eye, and preventing me from having a little holiday cheer. According to Ralph there will be no subpoena and no more threats. There can be no doubt anymore that you do not have to show the auditors your payroll records. Who says you can’t teach an old dog a new trick LOL.

The second present looked huge from its wrapping. It came as certified mail, which means whoever sent it wanted to make sure I couldn’t say I never got it. By the way save your certified mail fees it’s time to do more with less according to your ex-chair, and I post your letters on my blog usually the same day I receive them, they are that funny. With my fingers twitching I unwrapped the present hoping it wouldn’t be that bunny suit from “A Christmas Story” and it wasn’t. This one was good, no it was great. A Barry letter purporting to be a 15 day letter to one of my clients regarding a registration amendment (see “Press print and get new clients”). Well Barry it’s now on like Donkey Kong. You will not be getting a response to the 15 day letter but we will be demanding a public hearing (and I’m not like Dopp or the Gov I will be there with bells on and drawing as much media attention as possible so pack your lunch and get ready for a good old fashioned ass whupping) right after I complete all the discovery that my client is entitled to. And trust me Barry I’ve been waiting for you to step in it for the last 6 months I just never thought you would be dumb enough to do it with a new governor taking office and everyone watching to see what he will be doing to clean up Albany.

I will do my part to show him how truly useless the PIC is. The sooner Mr. Cuomo rids Albany of the cockroaches at PIC the better.

I hope for your sake Barry you cleared this 15 day letter with more than just the ex-chair because it is going to have a meaningful effect on the entire commission.

Thank you again for making this the best Christmas and Hanukkah ever.

Check your calendar so that we can schedule that hearing. I’m good . . . anytime.

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