Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Does anybody care?

The media and others may rejoice over this announcement, but this might be my last blog about JCOPE.  I don’t think anything I write on the topic of JCOPE or PIC before them matters, nothing ever seems to change.

Why do I say that?

 Teitelbaum was exposed and resigned but nothing changed.

Feerick was exposed and resigned but nothing changed.

Cherkasky was exposed and resigned but nothing changed.

Ginsberg was exposed and resigned but nothing changed.

PIC employees were exposed for the cockroaches they were and were fired but nothing changed.

JCOPE was created and I hoped things would change BUT

In addition to parking meter issues,

If you call JCOPE (and I did) and ask them to explain the recent eblast about business relationships and the expanded definition on lobbying here is the answer you get. . . “put your question in writing” when I asked what lobbyists were expected to do while we wait for our written questions to be answered I was told “read the lobby act” when I asked can you explain what it means I received an honest “no I can’t”.

Nothing has changed and I can’t blame Teitelbaum, Feerick, Cherkasky, Ginsberg, Ralph or the rest of the wack pack anymore.  I don’t believe the new commissioners know or care so who is left to blame?

I’ve come to the conclusion that this is just the way it is and no one cares so why should I?  My clients will follow my advice and if the JCOPE disagrees we can have that conversation in some other forum than the blog.

Sour grapes? Nope, just the last straw that broke this camel’s back.

And for the record I feel sorry for the employees that have not been briefed on the law they are being asked to enforce and explain to the lobbying community.

My last hope is that Ms. Biben will devote sufficient energy and focus to the non-prosecutorial sector of JCOPE.  While the administrative side doesn’t garner the headlines it serves to set the legitimacy table so that the prosecution of corrupt officials does not devolve into the political gotcha game that was the trademark of all the wannabe’s that preceded Ms. Biben.

It sure would be refreshing to blog about the accomplishments of JCOPE instead of my all too monotonous rants about how bad they are.  Maybe it’s time for the media to take over the role as the conscience of JCOPE.

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