Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The power of the blog

This is going to sound self serving but I don’t care.  This morning I blogged about JCOPE’s mishandling of the new forms for introduction or the intended introduction of a bill as forming the basis for registration (see blog below “Define intended introduction”).

Well someone at JCOPE must have read the blog and gave staff their marching orders because at 3:25 this afternoon lobbyists got an email with detailed instructions about the new business relationship reporting requirements of the Act including a video tutorial on the subject (my critique will have to wait for another blog) and tucked in at the very end almost as if it was an oops afterthought was the following “Legislation or a resolution that has not yet been introduced(no number to disclose) should be reported in the “Bill, Rule, Regulation or Rate Number” section of the form by giving a brief description of the intended legislation or resolution”  AWESOME  

While I applaud those responsible for at least trying to help the lobbying community understand what they need to do, CAN SOMEONE PLEASE DEFINE WHAT INTRODUCTION OR INTENDED INTRODUCTION MEANS.

Am I lobbying if I get paid more than $5000 to say to a legislator “It would be great if the state had a law that made it a crime for JCOPE bureaucrats to continue to act like clowns by imposing rules on people without guidelines or opinions”?

Or is the District Attorneys Association lobbying when their chairwoman states that she plans “to ensure that our voice is heard in Albany on all matters of public safety."?

What if she wanted legislation passed that exempted JCOPE’s Chair from having to put quarters in parking meters?

I think you get the point.

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