Tuesday, August 20, 2013

If Moreland comes knocking

Use the following responses and I guarantee they leave you alone

Contributors aren't given any special treatment


The only thing I can do is tell you, I absolutely do not treat anyone any differently


I use campaign funds on activities that promote me publicly

If those answers are good enough for a co-chair of the Moreland Commission they should work for you too.

I'm not sure, short of a quid pro quo on tape, how the Moreland Commission can accomplish anything meaningful when it comes to donations and legislation.  If the governor can do it and the Moreland members can do it who can't?  maybe Pedro Espada or Vito Lopez.

For a bunch of smart lawyers you would have thought they would have known the answer to the question before they asked it.

No one thought that Co-Chair Rice leaking about subpoenas being issued would not result in the identity of those receiving the subpoenas being made public?  which of course would quickly result in a media review of who they donated to and when and how much.  And then the connecting of dots right back to the governor's fundraising.  What is this? ethics oppo research for dummies?   And thats before the Moreland members try to justify their own transgressions.  In a word WOW is David Patterson back in charge?

Happy hunting as the state wastes millions on a Moreland Commission that appears to be chock full of hypocrites.

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