Thursday, August 8, 2013

It's the people stupid

Why isn't this guy running JJOKE or the Moreland Commission?

Insider X or Y or Z I can't remember who is who anymore . . . anyway an insider told me the JJOKE commissioners and staff are all expecting subpoenas from the Moreland Commission to explain why Shelly Silver was not investigated as part of the Vito Lopez case.

Expect a JJOKE staff generated leak about who blocked looking into Shelly's role in the Lopez scandal.

I'm hearing Ellen Biben is still in regular contact with the Cuomo folks at JJOKE.  Shades of Barry Ginsberg

On a similiar note it appears that the latest sex investigation that JJOKE is playing with (somebody sure likes sex at JJOKE) was staff driven and the commissioners got told by staff what JJOKE would work on.  Why are any commissioners still there?  JJOKE is just a reputation killer and now it might get expensive to lawyer up.

The end game in all this is for the Moreland Commission to recommend that the gov get more power ovver JJOKE.  As if that will change how bad they are.


Speaking of people the  Letizia Tagliafierro for executive director campaign is now tied at 6 votes for and 6 votes against with David Renzi and Gary Lavine the only on the fence votes left.  Latezia needs both to become executive director.  Of course being appointed by an 8 to 6 majority is a recipe for career ending drama for LT but after her time in the legislature and I am sure her experience with amorous senators, running a deeply flawed JJOKE probably looks pretty good.  If nothing else she does know what happens in Albany when it comes to sexual harassment and that seems to be all JJOKE cares about so it could be a good fit.

Last insider tidbit, I'm hearing Uncle Vinny is shopping a bit of business  to other board members   Be careful Uncle Vinny it looks bad and may be a serious conflict of interest.  You never know where those Moreland folks might send subpoenas . . . well actually you do because they leak it to downstate media outlets.

Reginna Calcaterra . . . isn't life fabulous.  I'm surprised she hasn't visited Saratoga yet. . . it's a good photo op.  By the way who is paying her and how much?  I hope she is careful about seperating her state work from her book promotion activity.

Regina's book is published by HarperCollins . . . the gov's book is published by HarperCollins  weird coincidence if you ask me.

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