Thursday, January 9, 2014

Source of funding update


I spoke too soon and JJOKE is overreacting to the blog.

They have just modified the paper forms to match the electronic forms (SMART) but did so by requiring an addendum to be filed to existing paper filings (DUMB TIMING)

I get that you want to be consistent and had the addendum been part of the original csa form no big deal but it is seperate, it requires another signature by the client and THEY DID IT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE LAST WEEK TO FILE

Are they crazy?

And no notice or announcement either.

It's like we are at a jersey shore house party and the cast forgot the red solo cups and are telling guests go out and buy your own.

Do they know how many clients will not know to file the addendum?

Do they have any idea of the additional work they just made for the regulated community?

Do they care?

Just when you think things are improving it is like they brought back the old Ginsberg crowd or the old Biben crowd . . . wait a minute most of them are still there now it makes sense.

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