Wednesday, January 29, 2014

JJOKE has become the home of the JDOPE's

I never thought I would say this but I agree with the NYCLU.  Nyclu stated in response to JJOKE denying their application for an exemption from the source of funding disclosure that "commission itself meets in private, is "selectively secret" and has unclear and constantly changing standards."  I'm afraid that's an understatement.

Yesterday's meeting was a rare chance to watch the JJOKE commissioners operate in public and anyone that saw it knows why these JDOPES do everything in secret.  WHAT AN EMBARRASSMENT!!!!

Who appointed these dopes?

From the moment Mike Gormley of Newsday asked Dan Horowitz to state which section of the Open Meetings Law he was invoking to move into executive session it was nonstop stupidity.

Horwitz clearly does not know what the open meetings law is or how it is applicable to JJOKE.  As he stumbled and bumbled his way to his statement that they were going into an executive session under the "open motions law" (whatever that is) because they wanted to discuss confidential stuff the audience clearly saw someone appointed by Governor Cuomo for his outstanding legal talent unable to articulate a coherent response to one of the easiest question a government official trying to hide behind the closed doors of an executive session could be asked.  Here is a hint Dan next time just say you are discussing issues that relate the health and safety of donors.  It really isn't that hard.  As to the rest of the JDOPE staff that stood around with their mouths open read the law every now and then.

When they returned from their secret illegal executive session Dan stepped on his . . .vestigial appendage by announcing that while in executive session the commission acted on three revolving door applications.  WHAT you stated the reason you were doing this executive session  was to discuss confidential matters related to application for exemptions from the source of funding.  You have to stop lying to the public Dan  it just looks bad and continues to erode any faith the public has that JDOPE is not an incompetent highly partisan bunch of clowns.

And speaking of partisan next came the motions by Speaker Silver's appointees to grant exceptions from the source of funding disclosure requirements for the 3 progressive liberal groups that applied but not a peep for the right wing conservative group that also applied.  Even though all 4 groups were active on the same highly charged political issue Shelly's appointees, Marvin "the mushroom" Jacobs, Renee "forever" Roth and the newest addition from New Jersey sitting in a place of honor to Dan's left and doing his Gary Busey impersonation only were interested in granting exemptions to  the progressive liberal groups.  Hmmm I wonder what they based there rationale on?  I'm sure we will see it in there written dissent to all 4 denials.

And then came NARAL.  After a public discussion on the first 4 applications and a public vote we learn that NARAL gets to keep there exemption after a secret deal was reached, who knows what and why but they clearly got treated differently than the other 4.

When you add it all up NYCLU has a pretty easy case to prove that JDOPE was arbitrary and capricious in there application of the arbitrary and capricious regulations they passed to implement the arbitrary and capricious source of funding legislation.

I can't wait to watch the transparency that will occur as part of that litigation.

Do you guys remember when you tried to depose me and I invited all the media to the deposition and NYCLU refused to ask a single question at there own deposition?  Transparency my ass but give JDOPE hell guys you got screwed by a bunch of dopes.


As to the few non dopes at JDOPE resign your reputations are being ruined by your association with these clowns. 

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