Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Each JJOKE meeting is worst than the last

Todays meeting reached new lows even for JJOKE

It's clear that Mitra Hormozi is far and away the smartest JJOKE commissioner.  The fact that she chooses to skip these meetings is proof of her skills.

On the other end of the scale is Commissioner Renee Roth.  I've watched a lot of truly bad appointments to New York's various ethics agencies and Ms. Roth is the worst I have ever seen.  Unprepared, argumentative and confused might work as a Judge doling out work to your buddies in the Brooklyn clubhouse but it is no way to act as a JJOKE commissioner.  Running a close second is the new guy from New Jersey.  I wish Gov. Christie would close the bridge on commission meeting days just to keep this guy from proving how uninspired a choice he truly was.  Congratulations go to Marvin Jacobs he is now the best JJOKE appointment of Speaker Silver.

Without putting too fine a point on it.  If a commissioner can not attend one meeting in Albany every other month DO NOT AGREE TO SERVE AS A COMMISSIONER.

It's not rocket science to quote Commissioner Weismann who was actually in Albany,was coherent, prepared and intelligent in short the exact opposite of a majority of the JJOKE in attendance.

I originally planned a much more in depth blog about all the missteps, misstatements and mistakes from this meeting but it appears the media has those issues well in hand.

I'm just going to make an observation JCOPE has outlived it's usefulness and needs to be replaced.  It is too far gone to be fixed.  The talent just isn't there.

LT seems to be well meaning but unless you are willing to fix the problems you are just the cruise director on the Titanic.

And all the smart rats have already abandoned ship.

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