Monday, November 9, 2015

This makes it official

Holly Levy does actually work at JJOKE and I have applied to be the next executive director

To: ""

Subject: NYS Joint Commission on Public Ethics - Executive Director

Date: Nov 9, 2015 4:38 PM

The New York State Joint Commission on Public Ethics has received the materials you submitted in connection with the position of Executive Director.  Your materials have been forwarded to the Search Committee for consideration. 
Holly Levy
NYS Joint Commission on Public Ethics
By materials I am assuming she ment my brochure and email application directing them to look at the opinions of the Lobby Commission and my blog for my writing sample.
If you want to see the email again you can find it here
Anyone want to guess how they avoid giving me an interview?  Blair Horner thinks they will use my statement that I will open my interview to the press as a basis for not interviewing me.  I'll keep you posted.
As to Holly Levy it took you 3 weeks 12 phone messages the threat of a formal complaint and a blog post to get you to acknowledge receipt of my application.  Check with Biben Holly see if that babysitting gig is still available because the second thing I do after I become the executive director is fire you.  The first thing is open an investigation into the JJOKE commissioners.  Now about that interview . . .

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