Friday, November 6, 2015

Who is Holly Levy and why does she make $89758

I am starting a new series of blogs about individual employees at JJOKE that are overpaid, under qualified, incompetent or just a general pain in the ass.

Holly Levy satisfies all 4 criteria.

Holly Levy works . . . strike that Holly Levy gets paid by JJOKE $89758 to be a secretary in the New York City office.

That's a lot of money for a secretary at a state agency, even in New York City.

I've been calling Holly Levy for weeks now and she has NEVER picked up the phone.

I've been calling because she is the JJOKEr responsible for collecting applications for the vacant executive directors job.  I've applied by leaving her a voice mail and sending an email.  For the last 2 weeks I've been calling Ms. Levy to confirm receipt of my application.  Gagan has confirmed that he knows about it but no one else at JJOKE has.  I know Marvin Jacobs who is on the search committee knows I applied because he has already pledged me his support and Marvin is a man of his word.  But Holly Levy is the JJOKE employee in charge of the applications and she is not reachable.  And I want to make sure I get at least an interview for the job that has already been promised to Kevin Gagan.

Now maybe she hasn't been at work for the last 2 weeks (Biben work rules) or maybe she doesn't know how to get her voice mails but at almost $90000 you would think she has to be really really good at her job.

Or does she?

I checked around and the consensus is she is horrible at her job, a real zero when it comes to talent as a secretary.

If that's true how did she end up in a position at JJOKE earning $90000?

And this is where it gets good.

Story is she was Ellen Biben's childrens nanny.

I'm going to really start digging to see if it's true but it sure makes sense why a no talent secretary in a New York City office that has no visitors and no phone calls, at least none they answer, makes $90000.

I'll foil her financial disclosure report, maybe the Chief of Staff Kevin Gagan can review her resume for us, maybe even show it to Commissioner Weissman.

If Levy was Biben's nanny that is a very good reason not to let executive directors hire who they want and pay them whatever.  (Was Kevin Gagan anyones nanny? is he related to a Cuomo? or was he just a reliable Cuomo lackey?)

If she is just overpaid, under qualified, incompetent or just a general pain in the ass she has lots of company at JJOKE.

And yes Commissioner Levine I know I am making it personal and that makes you uncomfortable.  Too bad get used to it.  That is how things get changed in Albany.  Your polite deliberate non confrontational way doesn't work.  You've been there 3 years doing it your way and the place is a mess. 

What you need are less babysitters and more talented staff, less lawyers and more common sense and less Cuomo lackeys and more Kevin Gagans.

And maybe I need more truth and less sarcasm.

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