Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Another month another meeting and JJOKE continues to be mired in it's own pile of excrement

It's been over a month since I last blogged, I don't miss it and I don't think you the reader does either.  Nothing changes at JJOKE or with ethics in New York for that matter so until I pick up the novel again and add some chapters I'm going to limit my blogging to once a month, when the JOKE has a meeting.  And they have a meeting today . . . I think.

I say I think because the schedule and the agenda list March 22 as the meeting date BUT the meeting notice lists "Wednesday, March 22, 2016" as the date of the meeting.  WEDNESDAY?  Now I know what happened, whomever is responsible for posting the notice just did a cut and paste of last months meeting (which was on a Wednesday) without paying attention.  No one bothered to proof it and it goes out to the public with the wrong day (hey it happens I've done it myself and the old lobby commission once famously published an annual report that said pubic instead of public)  But with JJOKE it is just one more example of a group of lawyers that couldn't find their own talleywhackers with a 10 man search party. UPDATE someone at JJOKE reads the blog and between its posting and 10:15 they changed the notice to Tuesday from Wednesday.  Fortunately I took a screen shot.

In the last 8 months while they have engaged in a nationwide search for the next Cuomo hack to be executive director (Gagan) that same hack (Gagan) has been the chief of staff.  I'm not sure what a chief of staff does, maybe he arranges helicopter trips around Jones Beach in a state police helicopter, but he should at least be the chief of the staff.  In which case the hack (Gagan) has provided us a valuable opportunity to see how good he is at running JCOPE.

News flash HE SUCKS.

Since the hack (Gagan) has been in charge:

Both leaders have been convicted of corruption charges without a peep from JCOPE.

JCOPE has issued an opinion on lobby registration for public relations firms that makes little to no sense, has resulted in a federal lawsuit, many editorials about JJOKE's attack on the first amendment and lot's of new clients for me.

JCOPE has issued an opinion on statewide officials fundraising that they tailored to only apply to the statewide elected that aren't the governor while at the same time failing to apply that same opinion in the TRUMP case that they dismissed without investigating even though it was squarely on point.

Wrapped up a 2 year look see at Assemblyman Grabass that concluded after he had left office(yawnnnnnn)

Failed to prevent it's staff from changing sworn documents nor did they punish the staffers involved (you can't trust JJOKE not to modify electronic forms after they are filed)

Has no clue why there is a huge backlog of unapproved registrations and amendments (those same staffers)

Can't seem to point to any real accomplishments over the hack's (Gagan's) time as Chief of Staff

Can barely hold a meeting without a technical problem

And the reason is simple the hack (Gagan) is just that A HACK

But he will be the next executive director so until the next meeting take solace in the fact that when it comes to JJOKE nothing changes when nothing changes.



As soon as I posted I read the morning news clips and saw this piece in the Times Useless

It took me 3 minutes to read it, google Patriotic Millionaires, find their website, review the website, check JJOKE to see if they are registered to lobby (they are not) and update the blog.

If the hack (Gagan) spent those same 3 minutes he could have had real news to make at todays or tomorrows meeting. 

JJOKE should stop writing opinions they never enforce.

And for those patriotic millionaires you don't need to lobby for legislation just pay the higher amount voluntarily and leave the rest of us alone I pay enough taxes as it is.

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