Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Is anyone else amused?

By how absolutely clueless the good government groups are on ethics?

By how clueless certain members of the media (Casey Seiler) are on ethics and the good government groups?

By how many different ways the governor and the legislature can say fuck you to the good government groups?

Case in point, even though it was a "Watergate moment" (btw Blair that is a weak quote you should have gone with "it's time we learned the difference between chicken salad and chicken shit") the good government groups failed to focus on Cuomo's national search, that anyone who watches JCOPE knew would end up at the governors office (I admit I had Gagan not Agata but really what was the difference) and then to put the cherry on top vouched for Agata after the selection.   That idiot Dadey even said effectively Agata is the right man at the right spot at the right time.  Hey Dick how about you get the right man at the right spot at the right time to tell us his start date, his salary, how he will handle his conflict with the assembly, an explanation for his potential violation of the public officers law related to his role in Cuomo's book deal or why he filled out his financial disclosure report in the past incorrectly (Gagan had a similar problem)  JJOKE is already incompetent, installing a leader who can't fill out his own forms correctly does not bode well. 

And of course the Albany Times Union's punctuation police wrote the same old story about good government groups complaining about a lack of transparency during Blair's "Watergate moment"  News flash Casey try being a real reporter and getting Agata on the record about the questions his selection raises.  You might even pick up that thing they call a phone and call some people starting with Agata but move on to JJOKE commissioners past and present, you know, be a real reporter.

As for the Governor, those of us who know the players can only tip our hat to you and say you are a master at understanding what will and will not fly politically.  Agata will prove to be the wrong choice but who cares.  He will cover your ass and watching you tell the media and the good government groups to fuck off is worth the price of admission.   Knowing that they can't hurt you on ethics allows you to do or not do whatever you want on ethics reform.  But just remember there are some other folks that can hurt you quite a bit, they are the ones you can't tell to fuck off.

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