Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Statute of Limitations on stupidity

Pei Pei Cheng-de Castro has been busy commencing new investigations at JJOKE.  Lots of 15 day letters are flying around the state.  And normally I would congratulate Seth "Igottagetoutofhere" Agata on getting some value for the $127146 we pay Pei Pei (nice alliteration don't you think?) except for the fact that several of these letters have come to my attention and they don't make sense.  Neither legally nor factually.  Before I discuss the legal and factual failings lets provide a little background on Pei Pei.

Pei Pei has received over $20000 in raises since she started, which would make you think she is really good at what she does for JJOKE.  Except as the Director of Investigations and Enforcement for the last couple of years what has she done?  No really that's a question what has she done?  JJOKE is not known as a real go getter unless the second floor tells them too.  Did Pei Pei catch Silver? catch Skelos? catch Sampson? catch Malcom Smith? catch Stevenson?, catch Bruno? catch Semenario? catch Huntly?  did she look into Cuomo's book deal? look into Percoco? Howe? Kalyeros (oops that may be too soon I'll wait) look into Castro? how about Leibell? Boyland? Gordon? Hoyt? Kellner? Kruger? Spitzer?  I could go on and on but if Pei Pei can't catch the fish in Albany ethics pond while they are practically impalling themselves on Preet's hook why did she get hired by JJOKE?

Is it because her husband once worked for JJOKE Chairman Dan Horwitz?  If so did Chairman Dan violate the Public Officers Law when he used his position to benefit his law firm by employing an employees spouse?  But I digress back to Pei Pei's letters.

I had the opportunity to ask Pei Pei what she thought the statute of limitations was under the Lobby Act.  She couldn't answer the question.  Yea she's worth $127146 good lift on this one Dan.  So I asked Seth.  His answer?  That's an interesting question, you should look at section 13(c) of Executive Law section 94.

Now why would I do that?  That section only applies to those that leave state service or cease lobbying during an investigation.  It has nothing to do with a statute of limitations and I told Seth as much.  His response?  You make an interesting point.

Fuck me, another JJOKE lawyer that spends so much time looking up his own ass he can't see the other assholes working for him.

So with that thought in mind I am sending JJOKE an opinion request to articulate what the statute of limitations is for a violation of the Lobby Act.

My greatest fear? that this collections of super assholes  oops lawyers thinks there is no statute of limitations for Lobby Act violations in which case Wilson Elser better worry that it's hiring of Ken Bruno was an illegal gift 10 years ago or Revlon should worry that it's hiring of Governor Pataki's wife was an illegal gift 20 years ago.  In fact the hiring of any public officials spouse or child by a lobbyist or client may have been an illegal gift no matter when it happened under Pei Pei's novel theory of imputed gifts to public officials.  Food for thought.  And another chance for Pei Pei to prove she is more than the latest act of do as I say not as I do by the agency that brought us Shari Calnero fired by Chairman Hormozi but rehired after her Uncle Vinnie DeIorio became a commissioner of JJOKE.  And trust me she isn't the only one that benefitted from JJOKE friends and family plan. 

Seth Agata you need to sack up and run your agency or resign and go collect your pension.

Let me know when you want to grab lunch or coffee.  I can probably find a lobbying firm that would love to hire your wife or grown child, I'm not sure I can find anyone who would want to hire Pei Pei but that's Chairman Dan's job anyway.

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