Monday, June 6, 2016

The Times Union wakes up

The Times Union has an editorial about JJOKE

It's titled "new concerns about JCOPE" but that is misleading.  These are not "new" concerns to any knowledgeable observer of JJOKE.  That the Times Union editorial board thinks they are "new" concerns goes a long way to explaining why JJOKE can do what it does when it comes to secrecy.  The media just doesn't care enough to spotlight JJOKE and it's corruption and keep that spotlight on.

And the Times Union can not act surprised about JJOKE's actions, I've been blogging on that very subject for years.  And I know they read the blog because Casey "cut and paste" Seilor is my personal spellchecking bitch and Chris Bragg calls me all the time when JJOKE and Walt McClueless won't answer his questions.

Give JJOKE credit they have lowered the bar so far that nobody cares.

JJOKE's new executive director Seth "Igottagetoutofhere" Agata read that editorial and immediately called a meeting of all the lawyers at JJOKE to figure out what there response should be.

As we have discussed Seth YOU ARE THE ANSWER but only if you want to be.

Why don't you think out of the box and hold a press conference today.  Call it the state of ethics.  Describe all the good things that you are doing and answer the media's questions.

Don't worry the questions will be softballs and no one will remember or report your answers but at least it will stop the Times Union from writing it's next editorial that structural changes at JJOKE will result in "ethics reforms"

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