Friday, November 3, 2017

How many JJOKE lawyers does it take to screw up regulations?


Read todays story by Chriss Bragg in the Times Union

JJOKE has been touting all the work they have put in on these "regulations" for well over a year and they just now decide that they really aren't enforceable regulations they are just guidance regulations.  TOO FUNNY what exactly is a guidance regulation?

It's the best Seth Agata could come up with after I again alerted them that JCOPE did not have statutory authority to issue regulations.

How is it possible with all those genius lawyers at JJOKE that none of them bothered to check if they had statutory authority to issue lobby regulations?

INCOMPETANCE  plain and simple.  Think about all the lawyers that now look like incompetent fools:

Seth Agata
Martin Levine
Monica Stamm
another dozen or so JCOPE staff lawyers whose names I don't remember but I'm sure all wrote chapters for Agata's book Lobbying Compliance for Dummies or was that Lobbying Compliance by Dummies?

Well over a million dollars a year in staff salaries wasted on proposed comprehensive lobby regulations that they now can't issue as regulations but will have to call guidance.

And JJOKE was not alone think of all the lawyers and groups that submitted comments and never bothered to verify that JJOKE had the authority to issue these lobby regulations.  Lobby compliance firms and good government groups alike missed this basic legal point - should they really be the ones anyone relies on for compliance advice?

But they are welcome to join me in the Article 78 if Agata and JJOKE insist on issuing regulations.

And right now Agata and the JJOKE commissioners are pulling their hair out they know I am legally correct that they lack authority to issue lobby regulations but they would rather slam their collective dicks in a car door than publicly admit that.  They need to buy time, delay postpone and hope they can convince the legislature to pass yet another best in the nation lobby reform that grants them the authority to issue these regulations.

Now if I was a lobbyist, and I'm not or if I was a PR firm I would do all I could to insure that doesn't happen.  wait a minute did I just engage in grassroots lobbying under the new regulations?  Do I have to register?  Or because they are not enforceable regulations but merely guidance am I in the clear.

Lets make it easy for JJOKE   I make way more that $5000 for advocating against your regulations, I'm not registered as a lobbyist please please please bring an enforcement action against me for failure to register as a lobbyist and lets let a court decide.

And one last thing what did Agata do after creating this cluster fuck?

To: ""

Subject: Automatic reply: JJOKE regulations .... excuse me "guidance"

Date: Nov 3, 2017 10:08 AM

I will be out of the office beginning Thrusday, November 2d and returning to work on Monday, November 13th. 

Even Nero hung around while Rome burned.

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