Monday, March 20, 2017

Dick Dadey ridden hard and put away wet

I can't believe I actually agree with Rich Assonfire or Azzopardi.

Dick Dadey and his fragile ego are hypocrites.  Truer words were never spoken.

That Dadey is upset that the governor's people have not spoken to him about ethics reform is priceless.

Dick they've been giving you, Blair and the rest of the goo goos a mercy reach around for years and now you are upset that you have to jerk yourself off?  Too funny.   Look at the bright side at least this year when it comes to the goo goos and ethics reform the pleasure given will equal the pleasure received.

It's not like you were ever relevant when it came to changing ethics in NY government

I've ridiculed Dick for years  here are some of my favorites:

But I don't remember seeing Dick at JJOKE meetings.  Too busy covering for the Gov in the old days when Steve Cohen was on his board.

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