Wednesday, March 8, 2017

JJOKE barely 500 lobbyists served This isn't McDonalds

March 2, 2017 -  3993 registrations had been filed for 2017 and 3587 were still being processed which means 406 had been approved.  406 in over 2 months.  That's about 10 a day.

 March 3, 2017 - 3999 registrations had been filed and 3575 were still being processed which means 424 had been approved.  That's 18 registrations approved March 3, 2017.

 March 6 - 4013 registrations had been filed and 3549 were still being processed which means 464 had been approved.  That's 40 registrations approved March 6.

 March 7, 2017 -  4017 registrations had been filed and 3532 were still being processed which means 485 had been approved.  That's 21 registrations approved March 7.

As of today  4021 registrations had been filed and  3512 were still being processed which means  509 had been approved.  That's  24 registrations approved today.

Seems like we are settling into a routine 20 to 25 registrations a day.  That's about 8 a day or one an hour for each of the 3 ladies processing registrations.   Just think how many they could do if the queen of typo's and ampersands, Amy Nicotera, stopped nitpicking and pitched in to lend a hand. 

I'm sure if Martin and Seth started processing registrations we could up the number to close to 30 a day.

Meanwhile you can't file an amendment until the registration is approved.   What a nightmare Agata has created thru bad, bad management.

But don't worry these are the same people that will be rolling out a new computer filing system . . . someday and are writing new regulations for lobbying.  Anyone want to bet how badly they will screw that up?

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