Friday, March 3, 2017

Is anyone actually working at JJOKE?

This is a new feature and I will try to update it at the close of business everyday.


Go ahead and take a guess,.

This is the same system the old lobby commission used to use and we prided ourselves on getting the registrations approved as quickly as possible.  You assign everyone to registrations for a week or two and the problem is solved.  An average lobby commission staffer could do 12 reports an hour for 8 hours that 96 reports a day times 6 staffers that's 576 reports a day times 5 days is 2880 reports a week.

So how many did JJOKE process today?  With a huge backlog they managed to process 18 registrations.  18 think about that   WTF are they doing?

JJOKE has a reputation for backlogs that would choke a horse.  I've blogged about it in years past but nothing has changed other that the angry amish smurf has gotten more angry and arrogant and is stockpiling logjams like a Canadian lumberjack (including the Larry Schwartz financial disclosure report delinquency notice).

How did I get my number of 18?

Easy its on the website.

Yesterday 3993 registrations had been filed for 2017 and 3587 were still being processed which means 406 had been approved.  406 in over 2 months.  That's about 10 a day.

Today 3999 registrations had been filed and 3575 were still being processed which means 424 had been approved.  That's 18 registrations approved today.

I guess you could say they are picking up the pace.  But at there present rate the registrations will all be approved by 200 business days from today.  That's 10 months.

That is a total disgrace.  Seth Agata do you even know whats going on?  Go ask Martin Levine to explain.

The only thing slower than the registration approvals is listening to Commissioner Gary Lavine speak.  Could he talk any slower?  Gary enunciating every syllable doesn't make you sound any smarter it's just painful to listen to.

Embrace serendipity and go where the wind takes you.

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