Friday, May 4, 2012

Setting the record straight

The blog prides itself on being accurate and if not accurate at least being careful enough to avoid looking foolish.

Unfortunately in our latest entry regarding the Lee Kindlon story we may have relied too heavily on the Times Union’s reporting and ended up being both.

Here’s what we wrote:

“The problem – based on what I’ve read in the TU – is that Kindlon was working full time in a private law firm while he was supposedly working full time on county-assigned cases.”

Members of the Kindlon camp have contacted us (and I give them credit for having the stones to make the call and discuss this issue like professionals) to set the record straight.  Here’s part of what they have to say:

“The Times Union articles, now two of them, are fiendishly inaccurate. Here are some true facts:

Lee Kindlon was a part time conflict defender. He has never been a full time conflict defender.”

If indeed this is true then the blog entry is based on a false premise and our apologies to all concerned.

Now it’s up to the Times Union to get an answer to the only question that matters to the blog was Lee Kindlon a full time or part time county employee?

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