Thursday, May 31, 2012

Why Difiore left the executive session

Its been reported that Janet Difiore left the J-JOKE executive session for approximately 1 hour.

The apocalypse has used its network of insiders to get the exclusive news of why she left the room.

Did she leave to move her car so as to avoid a ticket?  Nope she got another one.

Did she leave to provide a detailed explanation of her nannygate issue? Nope not a peep.

She left because she recused herself from the Senator Libous discussion and potential vote to commence a substantial basis investigation.  She employed one of the partners from the law firm at the center of the allegations.

Allegations made by a political rival . . IRONIC huh.

More importantly J-JOKE spent an hour discussing the Libous investigation.  That sounds like more than a routine bureaucratic 15 day letter.

Stay tuned.

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