Friday, June 29, 2012

Did anyone just hear what Ravi didn't say?

It's 5 days since I responded to Ravi's defense of Milgraaaaaaaam

And still no response

Here's another question to add to the list Ravi - What time does Milgraaaaaaam get to work in the morning?  And who does he report to?

Anyway since they've muzzled Ravi let me move on to what will be a regular Friday feature this summer.

What is in those Financial Disclosure Reports?

I've got a summers worth of reading and I haven't even asked for employee reports yet.

So I think I will post one issue every Friday from the reports.

Lets start today with the fact that none of the electronic reports have submission dates so there is no way to tell if they were submitted in a timely fashion.  Did you redact the submission dates Milgram?

I'll send you a letter asking for your explanation.

Under the heading CONFLICT - Did anyone know that Biben's husband is not only employed by a registered lobbyist/client (JP Morgan) but is also a director of another lobbyist/client, the NY Lawyers for the Public Interest.  Why she felt the need to identify that group as a non profit on her Financial Disclosure Report is beyond me, probably an indication of the limousine liberal mentality prevelant with her crowd, that if you are involved with a not for profit it can't be an ethical issue.

Stay tuned we will bring you another conflict next week   There is gold in those reports.

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