Friday, June 8, 2012

Milgram: The clock is ticking

I'm trying to figure out what it is that J-JOKE PIO John Milgram does?

I'm also trying to figure out why working for the JOKE turned John into Walter Ayers.

Actually thats not fair  Walter, while not terribly talented or necessary at least did his job.  He responded to requests for information.

Milgram on the other hand has not.

Here's a list of document requests I have made in the last month that John has ignored.

I asked for all the financial disclosure reports for JOKE commissioners and employees.

Now I am sure there is information in those reports I will find useful.

I am also sure that John is paranoid about that since he doesn't know what I am looking for.

I am pretty sure at least one commissioner must have a problem because John sent me an email that I could have the commissioners reports but I would have to request the employees by name and then did NOT allow me to review those reports.  Tick Tock

In response I asked for a list of employees since I am not familiar with all of Ellen's NYC IG lunch partners that have been hired.

John said I have to make a request for an employee list. Tick Tock

I did and have not received a response. Tick Tock

Just to start the ball rolling I requested Ellen Biben's disclosure report. Tick Tock

I have not received a response. Tick Tock

I have also requested a list of all lobby disclosure reports that contain a reportable business relationship. Tick Tock

I have not received a response. Tick Tock

I just hope I get a response before John gets promoted to some obscure State Agency in the Hudson Valley.

You see John that Tick Tock is not just me waiting for you to do your job it's also the clock ticking down on your career at the JOKE, someone has to take the blame for the horrible media you are receiving.

You take the blame John I'll take the credit.

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