Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ex Governor Patterson and storytelling

I just got done listening to Ex Governor Patterson interview Casey Seiler of the Albany Times Union, and heard a truly startling admission, accusation and/or fabrication from the ex gov regarding Inspector General Joe Fisch, the disgraced ex executive director of the old Public Integrity Commission Herb Teitelbaum, the disgraced ex chairman of the Public Integrity Commission John Feerick and indictments.

You can listen here at the five minute mark.

Patterson claims Joe Fisch wanted to indict Herb Teitelbaum and two other PIC members for their role in troopergate but that Patterson talked him out of it in return for the entire PIC board resigning.

And while I certainly think that should have happened the IG doesn't have the power to indict and the governor when given the opportunity in 2010 to sign legislation that would have eliminated PIC and those members he had asked to resign vetoed it instead.

Combine those facts with Patterson's well deserved reputation for being willing to tell a white lie or two and you end up with a good story but not much else.

But it's not too late maybe JJOKE can listen to the interview and hold an emergency meeting to revisit the old PIC crimes and vote for a substantial basis investigation.

Oh wait I forgot JJOKE doesn't answer to that governor's pronouncements.

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