Tuesday, September 11, 2012

JOKE calls emergency meeting

Another day another emergency JJOKE meeting.

A source deep inside government has leaked to the APOCALYPSE that  an emergency meeting will be held shortly to vote to begin a substantial basis investigation into recent statements in the New York Times attributed to JJOKE commissioner Marvin Jacobs that "the governor’s warning that he might investigate on his own. . . .was “coercive and threatening,” ".

Ellen Biben, the JJOKE Executive Director, is expected to present compelling evidence collected by good government advocates Susan Lerner and Dick Dadey that Mr. Jacob's statement when combined with a recent press release attributed to the governor's office amount to a potential violation of the Public Officers Law.

In related news the Inspector General has begun an investigation to determine who from JJOKE leaked recent stories to the New York Post and the New York Times

Now if you believed the last three paragraphs could possibly be true than there is hope that JCOPE can restore the public's faith in integrity . . if you don't then it is time to get rid of the existing staff at JJOKE and start over.

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