Thursday, May 16, 2013

High Rollers and JJOKE's blind eye

Now come the followup stories to JJOKE's gropergate report.  The one that caught my eye first was the Daily News story by Glenn Blain that referenced an exhibit in the report wherein Lopez's lawyer alleges that Silver settled the case to avoid any further investigation of his own issues with staffers and personal relationships. 

That caught my interest for 2 reasons.  No not the allegation in this town everyone has heard a rumor about some legislator sleeping with a staff member or lobbyist or intern.  Some are true and some aren't.  I just heard one about a legislator that took an intern out for Karioke, alcohol and then sex once the intern passed out.  The intern woke up to a full time position on the legislator's staff (good double entendre huh?)  I happen to think its true and after I research if this particular legislator actually hired his intern I may out him.

The first reason I was interested was I actually like looking at investigative files.  Old habits die hard.  And I thought for Glenn to find something like this so fast either he is better at it than I am or someone told him where to look.  Odds on that are that Milgram reported it to the second floor and they gave Glenn a helping hand.  I know I would love for someone to investigate Milgram and leaks . . . hell I'd even like to see someone tell us why Milgram got bounced from the second floor.  The rumour is that investigation would look a lot like Gropergate , rumour mind you just a rumour.  well it took me about 30 minutes once I knew what to look for its at tab D page 22 footnote 10.  Good work Glenn that is some targeted digging you did or an excellent source at JJOKE.

The second reason was the references by one of the women that she enjoyed being treated as a "high roller". Well I've done enough casino gift ban cases to know that when people say high roller they mean freebies, comps, illegal gifts.  And sure enough there it was and JJOKE completely missed it.  What a bunch of arrogant clueless incompetent clowns.  A nine month investigation by the best investigative minds Governor Cuomo has and they blow it.  So in the interest of lobby violations for dummies (a new book I'm working on) here it is step by step

Borgata document found at tab U3 showing non gaming comps to Lopez totalling $570.

Borgata is owned by Boyds Gaming

Boyds Gaming pays Malkin & Ross to be a registered lobbyist for Boyds Gaming in New York

That makes Boyds Gaming a client of a registered lobbyist in New York

That makes Boyds Gaming subject to the gift ban found in the Lobby Act

That means the giving of comps (gifts) to Lopez was a violation of the Lobby Act

Said violation is a misdemeanor and is punishible by a fine.

Way to miss the forest for the trees.

JCOPE, Ellen Biben, Janet DiFiore etc etc  all these former prosecutors and not one of them could spot a crime if it fell out of the sky landed on their face and wiggled.


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