Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Richard Emery quoted on ethics?

Bill Hammond has a piece in today's Daily News blaming Shelly Silver for tarnishing ethics in NY  You can read it here

Normally I find Bill's work to be very good especially on the subject of ethics.  Bill gets it and has for awhile.  I'm not arguing with his premise or his facts I think he had it spot on the Shelly appointees blocked an investigation by the Cuomo appointees by using the archaic voting rules to give Biben only one avenue to pursue . . . Lopez.   No real news there I blogged about it last September  told my readers what would happen and why. 

My beef with Bill is one that I think is far too prevelant in the Albany press corps when it comes to ethics.  They miss the forest for the trees.  In Bill's piece he quotes noted ethicist and former member of that wildly successful ethical panel created by that wildly ethical former governor Elliot Spitzer, Richard Emery.  Really? Richard Emery? Are you f*cking kidding me Bill you quote Richard Emery on ethics?  How soon you forget.  Emery was on the PIC when disgraced former ED Herb Teitelbaum was leaking information about troopergate to former disgraced governor Eliot Spitzer's people.  Richard Emery's firm was a registered lobbyist while he was still a commissioner on the panel that regulated lobbyist's  you can read it here  . . . again and here

Oh and by the way who appointed Emery to the ethics board?  irony of irony  Malcolm Smith LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL  and Emery and his partner Andrew Celli, a Spitzer appointee to ethics represented Smith and the Senate dems in their lawsuit in 2009.

Asking Richard Emery to provide a quote on ethics agencies is like asking Elliot Spitzer to discuss marital fidelity.

And thats the problem with the Albany media and ethics they forget the past to write about the now.

How many editorials about ethics would embaress the media if they ran again with the date they first ran on them  its the same sh*t over and over again without any acknowledgement that what the media is calling for doesn't work.

It's time Albany just sacked up and admitted the only way to change ethics in Albany is to keep changing the people until someone makes a mistake and we get a real watchdog.

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