Wednesday, May 15, 2013

LOPEZ and JJOKE a perfect hook up

Well the much awaited Lopez report is out.  We waited 9 months for this report to be born.  I encourage everyone to read it and think about my prediction made on September 12. 2012.

Here is what I predicted
"One: At the end of the day the various investigations into gropergate will conclude that Vito Lopez is a pig, duh.

Two: the various investigations will conclude that the settlement was legal, proper and ethical if poorly handled by all involved, duh.

And Three: the public will conclude that JJOKE is far from an independent watchdog, but rather an attack dog following its masters commands duh."
Now it took me 10 minutes and $0 to reach those conclusions, it took JJOKE 9 months and how much money? 
And while JJOKE was chasing Vito look at all the ethics violations that they missed and the feds caught.
And think about all the other violations they have ignored.
Take full credit for the last ethics reform you gave us governor you deserve it I can't wait to see how you do with the second bite at this rotten apple.

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